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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It appears that our City Council wonít stop asking for us to pay more in taxes so I have decided to run for Stanton City Council in November. This is our chance to send a message to our city leaders to let them know that we have been taxed enough already!

Kevin Carrís Accomplishments:

  • Fighting the 2014 Stanton Sales Tax increase
  • Single-handedly defeated the 2012 Stanton Utility tax increase
  • Worked against the 2001 Stanton Utility Tax
  • Worked on the successful defeat of the 1997 Stanton parcel tax
  • Saving Stanton Residents more of their own money
When Elected Kevin Carr Will:
  • Work to remove the Stanton Tax on cellphones, home phones, water, electricity and other utilities
  • Vote to fully fund Police and Fire Services
  • Work to restore employment and business opportunities

Elect Kevin Carr - Stanton City Council - November 2014

Stanton Candidate Kevin Carr Stanton Candidate Kevin Carr Stanton Candidate Kevin Carr


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10401 Yana Dr. Stanton, CA 90680

Kevin Carr is a Stanton council candidate and has volunteered his time on events
and causes around Stanton, the local community and Orange County for over 20 years.
In 2012 Kevin led the effort that defeated the ballot measure which would have taxed
Stantonís television programming while increasing the taxes on cellphones,
land lines, water, electricity and all other utilities. So, basically... he's one of the good guys.